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Фон "Insight into America"


The seminar in culturelogy "Insight into America" conducted by Professor Donald Jack London (USA) took place September 18.

Political, economical & educational aspects of American development, the level of crime in the country were clarified at the seminar. Pupils & students who learn English, teachers, researches, members of an active group of public organizations that are interested in the USA were invited to the seminar.

People who attended the seminar got an opportunity to become acquainted with books exhibition "The presents from over ocean". The collection of the books donated by Donald Jack London & Doris London, the president of Ewrica branch of "Daughters of American Revolution" was exhibited there.

The literature from the sphere of psychology, philosophy, sociology, religion & ethnography; the collection of children's book & contemporary literature were displayed at the exhibition. The information about these events was given in newspapers & on radio.


Матеріали преси

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Фон "Insight into America"
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