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Ivan Dudkin's photoexhibition "America: Still Life"
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U.S. Ambassy in Ukraine
Photoartist's Union of Ukraine
Editorial office of "International Tourism" magazine

Kirovohrad Regional Universal Research Library named after D. Chizhevsky
Foreign Literature Division
Information Resourse Center "Window on America"

Press release
Ivan Dudkin's photoexhibition

 On the 10th of November 2003 Kirovohrad Information Recourse Center "Window on America", located in Regional Universal Research Library named after Chizhevsky, presented the photoexibition "America: Still-Life". The collection consisted of 42 photos, made by Ivan Dudkin, well-known traveler, photo artist, and journalist.

The photo exhibition was held with the support of the U.S.A. Embassy in Ukraine, Photo artist's Union of Ukraine, and Editorial office of "International Tourism" magazine.

As journalist and photo artist Ivan Dudkin has a lot of publications and photo exhibitions. He is one of the most well-known Ukrainian travelers. As geographical physicist-scientist he has made two round-the-world trips on the scientific research ships. Ivan Dudkin travels on foot, on yachts, ski, bicycle, motorcycle. He visited 82 countries of the world. Exactly by bicycle, alone, he traveled around the U.S.A. in October-November 2000 and June-July 2002. The author of the exhibition visited 17 American states: about 2200 km by his "iron horse" and more than 7000 km by other kinds of transport.

The idea of this exhibition was born after stunning tragic events of the 11th of September 2001 in USA. The beginning of this project was Ivan Dudkin's publication "Tragedy and Glory of Twins" in "International Tourism" magazine (#5, 2001).

The exhibition was hosted by Kirovohrad Regional Universal Research Library named after D.Chizhevsky during 10 days.


Ivan Dudkin ivan-dudkin@mail.ru

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Ivan Dudkin's photoexhibition "America: Still Life"
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