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The region was formed in 1939. It is situated in the center of Ukraine, in the space between the Dnieper and the South Boog rivers. In the suburb of a district center, Dobrovelitchkovka, there is a sign marking the geographical center of Ukraine. Its area is 24,6 thousand of sq.km. (4,1% of the total area of Ukraine), 1211,2 thousand people inhabit the region (2,5% of the Ukraine's total population). Mean density of the population is 49,5 people per sq.km., which is lower than the country's average level.
The region is composed of 21 districts, 12 towns, 4 of which are subordinate to the region administration, 26 settlements, 1024 villages. Urban population makes up 61,2%. The region is inhabited by representatives of over 30 nationalities: Ukrainians make up 85,3%, Russians-11,7% the rest are Moldovians, Bielorussians, Jews and others.
The administrative center of the region is the city of Kirovograd with the population of 281,9 thousand people. The distance between Kiev and Kirovograd is 320 km by highway and 392 km by railway.
The region has advantageous geographical location and developed route network. Numerous railroads cover the area. Their total length is 926 km. These railroads connect important industrial and agricultural areas of the South with the South West and the Center of Ukraine. The density of railroads network is 38 km per 1000 sq.km.
The region has 6 highways of convenient directions which connect Ukraine with the CIS countries and the countries of the Central and Southern Europe. The density of roads is 235 km per 1000 sq.km. The Kirovograd airport corresponds to the 3-rd category according to international standards. Air transportation is being carried on by several companies: the state company "Ukrainian Airlines", the international joint stock company "Urga", and the company "Commandor - Avia".
The region has long distance telephone connections.
Mild climate, radon and mineral waters resources, forests, plains, rivers create favourable conditions for arranging short and long-termed rest and establishing a network of resorts.
Kirovograd region altogether with Dniepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions make up the By-Dnieper economic region which is one of the most powerful in Ukraine by its resource-industrial potential.
The structure of the total output may be presented as following: industry-30,8%, agriculture-43,7%, construction-7,4%, transport and communication-12,2%, other industries-5,9% (according to the data of 1996). The region's industrial complex covers 14 principal branches.
It includes 249 industrial enterprises. In the branch structure of the region food industry takes up 49,9%, machine-building and metal processing-13,8%, fuel-producing-5,9%, construction materials manufacturing-5%, electric-power generation-15%, light industry-2,4%, other branches-15%.
In Ukraine's commodity market the region is distinguished for manufacturing planting machinery, bridge electric cranes, brown coal bricks, nickel, granite, radioelectronic and food industries' products.

Compared to neighbouring regions, the level of urbanization is rather low. Taking into account this factor as well as a surplus of highly qualified labour resource this region is the most attractive one for investing into agricultural machine-building, electrical engineering, instrument making.
Dowels of the region contain about 3000 deposits and occurrences of minerals. The most perspective of them are 11 deposits of unique finishing granites, labrodorite, gabro, which, are used as facing materials in the capitals of the Western Europe and other countries of the world. Uranium ore stocks are equal in power potential to those of the Donbass. Perspective gold deposits have been discovered. The main richness of the region is its fertile soil. The region is one of the leading manufacturers of grain, sugar, oil, butter, meat and meat products in Ukraine.
The region has economic relations with 53 countries of the world. Projects for creating free economic areas are being developed. Modern market infrastructure is being formed. Firms of 35 countries of the world contributed to establishing joint ventures.
Latery about half of the industrial enterprises have been denationalized and 129 joint stock companies like "Olymp", the plant of automatic weighers, the plant of typing machines, the "Red Star" plant will be made private with foreign investments sharing them.
Scientific research-designing and project developments in the most significant trends of the scientific-technical progress are being carried out in 18 research institutes and enterprises. There are 24 doctors-of-sciences and 392 candidates-of-sciences in higher educational institutions alone. During 2 previous years there were published over 1,5 thousand scientific works, monographs; mechanisms and devices of the world level were developed.
Well known in the world are scientific researches and developments performed at the project-design institute "Gruntoposivmash", at the Svietlovodsk joint company "Pure Metals", scientific-productive company "Elita" and others.
There are 5 higher educational establishments of the III level and 19-ofthe I level of accreditation, Pedagogical University, 631 secondary schools, 696 pre-school establishments. 
The Kirovograd region has 27 hotels, 706 public and universal libraries, 622 clubs, 2 theatres, 2 concert organizations, 8 museums, 38 music schools, 11 schools of arts, 42 sport schools for children and youth, 24 stadiums, 513 gymnasiums.
The Kirovograd region is a unique place for Ukrainian culture. This is the birth-place of the first Ukrainian professional theatre, which was founded by masters of the stage M.Kropivnitsky and I.Tobilevitch. A great number of outstanding people lived and worked here. Among them are M.Zankovetska, M.Staritsky, writers V.Vinnitchenko and M.Koolish, the world-known composer K.Shimanovsky, the musician and pedagogue G.Neygauz. 
The festival of professional and amateur creativity "September Gems" is held annually in a picturesque corner of the region-the museum-reservation of I.Karpenko-Kary (Tobilevich) "Hootor Nadiya". These festivals have become really nation-wide holidays.
Several Kirovograd artistic companies are well-known in Ukraine and abroad. Among them are the amateur folk song and dance company "Vesna" ( "The Spring" ), the honoured dance company of Ukraine "Yatran", the Kirovograd municipal choir directed by honoured artists of Ukraine You.Lyubovitch, two children model-choreography companies, the company of ball dance. The regional football team "Zirka ", the handball, baseball and Ping-Pong teams are members of the National League. 
Kirovograd is the place where the head-quarters of the National Federation of carate-phoodokan is located.



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