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Project aims.

The project started in fall 1999. The main aim is a research metadata standards for the following implementation to the library web site. As a basic have been chosen DCMI Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. From the begining 2000, all our html-pages have supplied with Dublin Core coding. However we still supply traditional HTML metadata such as "content-type", "description" and "keywords" for all our web pages, because no one modern search engine doesn't recognize Dublin Core metadata for the site indexing.
Recently our web site has more than 1800 html-pages with Dublin Core coding.


Dublin Core metadata viewer.
This online tool is working on our website from the fall 2001. It allows to view Dublin Core metadata of our web pages. Usually on the left-up side of the page present link DC.Metadata When you click on that link will start Perl script and show Dublin Core metadata in the human readable format for current web page. You can place follow html-code:
<a href="http://www.library.kr.ua/cgi-bin/dcviewe.cgi">DC.Metadata</a>
on your web page (in case you use Dublin Core) and our script will do the same for your pages.

Viewer-Generator Dublin Core metadata.
This online program is an extension of the previous one. English interface of the program you can find: http://www.library.kr.ua/dc/lookatdce.html
This is a form to enter URL and test for Dublin Core metadata presence in it. Even tested web page hasn't Dublin Core metadata Viewer-Generator will create them automatically from traditional HTML metadata and the server responds. This tool allows to judge about any metadata presence in the testing web page.

Editor-Converter Dublin Core metadata.
This online program you can use for two aims: as full functioning Dublin Core metadata Editor and as Converter Dublin Core metadata to the bibliographic exchange format UNIMARC. English interface of the program you can find: http://www.library.kr.ua/dc/dceditunie.html
After conversion to UNIMARC format you can save data to your local HDD as a file ISO-2709.


Dublin Core / http://dublincore.org
IFLA (metadata section) / http://www.ifla.org/II/metadata.htm
Russian State Library / http://www.rsl.ru/dc/dc_e.htm>
Nordic Metadata Project / http://www.lib.helsinki.fi/meta/
UCOLN Metadata / http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/

Project participants

Oleh Volokhin (head)
Denis Yashchenko
Halina Sedinkina

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